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Infinity Kingdom 1100 + 90 Gems
USD 10.00
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Infinity Kingdom 2300 + 190 Gems
USD 20.00
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Infinity Kingdom 6000 + 500 Gems
USD 50.00
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Infinity Kingdom 12500 + 1250 Gems
USD 100.00

Information about this product

Infinity Kingdom Arabia is finally available! Play the best Mobile Strategy Game in the Middle East. As you are a skilled lord, Infinity Kingdom Arabia offers you a comprehensive experience to a world full of excitement and competition: Build your castle, train the historical immortals, and defeat the gnomes and bosses to tame the mighty dragons. Get ready for the KVK events and plan your strategies! Thousands of prizes and legendary gear are waiting for you.

  1. Go to Infinity Kingdom Arabia
  2. Login to Settings by clicking on your account picture in the top left of the screen and selecting Settings
  3. Click on Recover
  4. Enter the code
  5. Click Confirm