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Hello Yo 42 Diamonds
USD 1.09
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Hello Yo 210 Diamonds
USD 5.45
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Hello Yo 420 Diamonds
USD 10.89
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Hello Yo 2100 Diamonds
USD 54.47
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Hello Yo 4200 Diamonds
USD 108.94

Information about this product

HELLO YO is the most popular live group voice talking and entertainment app where you can create your free voice chat rooms and join others’ rooms. Meet new people, chat, sing with others, find game friends and send gifts to people nearby or around the world.

  1. Open your Hello Yo application
  2. From your account profile select diamonds purchase
  3. Click Recharge
  4. Select your country from the drop-down menu
  5. Select Mintroute as your payment option
  6. Select denomination
  7. Enter pin code printed on the receipt
  • Code redeemable only on Android devices
  • Code valid for 2 years